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Francis Garden - 1878 - Table of contents

Diccionario filosófico
Complete edition

Diccionario de Filosofía
Brief definition of the most important concepts of philosophy.


A Dictionary of English Philosophical Terms Francis Garden

Vocabulary of Philosophy, Psychological, Ethical, Metaphysical
William Fleming

Biografías y semblanzas Biographical references and lives of philosophers

Brief introduction to the thought of Ortega y Gasset

History of Philosophy Summaries

Historia de la Filosofía
Explanation of the thought of the great philosophers; summaries, exercises...

Historia de la Filosofía
Digital edition of the History of Philosophy by Jaime Balmes

Historia de la Filosofía
Digital edition of the History of Philosophy by Zeferino González

Vidas, opiniones y sentencias de los filósofos más ilustres
Complete digital edition of the work of Diogenes Laertius

Compendio de las vidas de los filósofos antiguos

A brief history of Greek Philosophy
B. C. Burt


A Short History of Philosophy




Absurd or Impossible, reduction to the

Absurd or Impossible, reduction to the. This is a mode of establishing a position by showing that its contradictory would overthrow that which has been already established or admitted. If the conclusion for which I contend be not true, its contradictory must be so in virtue of a fundamental law in logic.



Make of this contradictory a premiss, instead of one already proved or granted. A conclusion will be the result contradictory of the latter. But that by hypothesis is true, therefore the substituted one must be false, and its contradictory, the position contended for, must be true.


This kind of reasoning is sometimes used by Euclid; and in logic, so long as reduction to the first figure was held necessary to the full establishment of a syllogism, it was applied for that purpose to the moods baroco and bocardo.



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